Mintaro Historical Society is a registered non-profit organisation; they run purely on donations and grants.   

The Mintaro Historical Society was set up to help record and savour the rich history of this little town for future generations. Since the opening of the History Room, the committee has been able to help countless people find out more about their own family history within the area.

Do you have any photos or information you wish to contribute to the History Room?

The Mintaro Historical Society are always trying to expand and improve their archive and records. If you have anything you wish to contribute, please get in touch. We will always return original photos to their owner after making copies.

Money donation

If you wish to help the committee by making a money donation, you can do this by:

Please include your contact details so the society can get in touch to thank you!

The committee is always very grateful for all the support they receive from the local community and through any donations.